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A woman never eats fruit with letter p in it. A child befriends a robot who will protect her for life. An aspiring actor clones himself and ends up regretting it. An usher in Hollywood can?t stand the ugly people. A corporate executive loses his mind on the streets of midtown Manhattan. A 40 year old man dates a 21 year old girl. A cheesy pick-up artist dishes out advice on women. A lonely college student plays guitar in his dorm room. A female assassin disguised as some escort kills johns by poisoning them.

Elnora and the man
Destiny Alexis and the Robot 3000
Temp Work
No Fuglies for Fritz Kramer
Amid Midtown
Keep with Company
The Other Solution
Jose and his Guitar
Sham Pain (A Short Screenplay)

Reviews :

“I’m very happy they let Evan out of the home on occasion in order to wander among normal people and ply his trade, which is writing. Evan travels to the beat of a different drum. He lives in the realm of the bizarre, the world between regular people doing regular things, and science fiction. I would swear he studied under Rod Serling (?The Twilight Zone?) but Rod never had Evan?s sense of humor. His stories will make you laugh or cause some sleepless nights . . . but they will surely touch your heart and mind. I eagerly await Evan?s next story. I just hope they let him out of the home long enough to write a full length novel.” Jeffry Weiss – Author of the Paul Decker series of political thrillers which can be found on Amazon.


“I’ve read several of Evan’s work, and the reason I like it is the noir-type quirkiness, science fiction feel. It always gives me this classic sense of old school Fitzgerald, Hemingway, while still being contemporary speculative. Comical in its eccentricity but very original and modern while maintaining a classic feel. That’s what great writing does. That’s what Evan can give you. Tales that last.” – Brandon Berntson, Horror Writer and Author of the “Snap Dragon” Series.


“For as long as I have known Evan (about a quarter of a century), he has been a true artist in multiple fields, but especially, IMO, in his writing . Evan always had the proper combination of a unique, original look on the world, devotion to constantly improving himself at his craft, and drive to be successful in his creative endeavors, that make a great artist, no matter what the medium. – Mike-o Martelli, Poet

Evan Hundhausen is an author and has won awards in fiction, journalism, poetry, screenplay and playwriting.


Free on 15th - 19th Jun 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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