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Free on 18th - 22nd Jun 18
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Ready to REVOLUTIONIZE your health even if on a busy schedule?


You are just about to discover simple and super healthy ways to create delicious and nutritious alkaline salads to help you stay healthy in 15 minutes a day (or less).

Alkaline salads are cleverly designed plant based creations perfect for people who want to take care of their health in a holistic way and keep it simple, doable and fun. 

Alkaline Salads Will Help You:

Enjoy more mental focus and energy so that you can feel satisfied with your work and never feel too tired to pursue your passionsReduce sugar cravings by giving your body all the nutrients it needs to stop craving unhealthy stuffLose weight naturally, without feeling deprivedReduce inflammation and painIncrease your  well being and zest for life! Impress everyone with naturally healthier skin, hair and nails… 

Here Is Exactly What You Will Discover Inside:

Alkaline Salad Secrets-how to make sure you can create amazing recipes even on a busy schedule (and love the process) What exactly is the alkaline diet, alkaline foods and alkaline lifestyle (no pseudoscience- promised) The number 1 reason people fail with the alkaline diet and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you (by eating more, not less!)Simple tricks that will allow you to conjure up amazingly nutritious plant based meals and alkaline salads fast.How to come up with attractive and taste boosting salad dressings (even if you have no clue) Supposedly “healthy” foods that are actually NOT good for you (and the # 1 reason WHY).Effective and proven ways to incorporate alkaline herbs, spices and superfoods and make your alkaline salads not only delicious but also anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting magicians! Over 38 tantalizing alkaline salad recipes you will never get bored with (please click the free preview of this book to see the full list). 

“So….What recipes can I expect?”

Some recipes are perfect if you crave something sweet yet you don’t want to compromise your health goals; some recipes on the other hand offer a delicious mix of veggies and spices that can be served as a refreshing soup on a warm summer day, or a warm meal replacement on a busy winter day. 
Whatever your lifestyle, health goals and nutritional preferences are…you will find your answers in alkaline salads!

Ready to feel amazing and lose weight?

 Scroll up the page and order your copy now. Discover how easy it is to create wellbeing and health with alkaline salad recipes you will never get bored with!

Free on 18th - 22nd Jun 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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