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Free on 28th Jun 19 - 2nd Jul 19
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Midsummer 2009, a journey to Hever Castle leads to a miraculous and haunting encounter with England’s most notorious and well travelled ghost. Anne Boleyn’s life was cut short by King Henry VIII when he accused her of adultery and witchcraft, and jas had her beheaded at the Tower of London for her apparent crimes.Anne Boleyn has long been rumoured to haunt the place of her execution as well as her beloved home, Hever Castle, with numerous reported sightings of her ghost over the centuries. But rumour gets new credence when a young man visits the castle with his family on the 500th Anniversary of King Henry VIII’s Accession to the Throne and captures something truly remarkable and other-worldly on his camera: the Ghost of a long lost Tudor Queen, pointing to a fireplace in the Morning Room.

It is the year 1536 and, in a fit of rage over yet another miscarriage and Anne Boleyn’s inability to provide him with an heir to the throne, King Henry the VIII gives the order to execute Anne Boleyn and completely destroy anything that could prove she ever walked the earth: documents, belongings, inscriptions, artwork &c. Desperately, Queen Anne orders her few remaining, loyal servants to hide her most valuable possessions, fearing death is near, and prepares for the End; prepares for the Afterlife …

Almost five hundred years after her execution and all butcomplete annihilation, only a handful of Anne Boleyn’s possessions survived Henry’s wrath, and can be seen today; but there is still something she wants us – needs us – to find, and her Ghost will not rest until we find it.

*The Special Edition includes additional photographs from the day and text.

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Lowvee Cole – Goodreads ?????

“I’m a sucker for Tudor history, and fascinated by the supernatural, so this was a great read for me.”

Neil Harvell – Amazon.co.uk ????

“Excellent story writing and well researched. Presented in such a way that as much as I thought I knew, there was much more I learnt.”

David Dee – Amazon.co.uk ?????

“A captivating well written ghost story with amazing insight and beautifully worded lines accompanied with some wonderful photographs very much enjoyed”

Jennifer Waring – Amazon.co.uk ?????

“Couldn’t put this book down.”

Gail Radford – Amazon.co.uk ?????

“Excellent read.”

Jean Birch – Amazon.co.uk ???

“Found it a very easy read and makes me want to visit the places mentioned in the book as soon as i can.”

J M Miller – Amazon.co.uk ?????

“I couldn’t put this book down it was such a fascinating read and held my attention all the way through just sorry the book wasn’t longer.”

Marion Ewing – Amazon.com ?????

“Good book.”

NB – Amazon.com ?????

“Enthralling look at possibilities. Really enjoyed the photos and narrative. Planning a visit to Hever Castle this year and now I know what to look for.”

Bro – Amazon.co.uk ?????

“Really enjoyed this short book which features pictures and facts. Details are comprehensive without boring the reader. You won’t regret reading this.”

Free on 28th Jun 19 - 2nd Jul 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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