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Free on 18th - 22nd Feb 19
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This book will be Free on 18th - 22nd Feb 19

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Artificial Intelligence continues to shape our world.How did this begin? How does AI effect my life? Will, we go too far?

A concept which is, however, a hot topic these days, artificial intelligence, is poised to become an even more prominent part of the public discourse and an integral part of daily life. Low-level applications are one thing, while crucial layers of the structures in our society and systems are entirely something else.
Indeed, Artificial Intelligence is slowly finding its way into various applications within the economy, military, healthcare and many other crucial aspects of life and society. Most services and tools that we use every single day either use some form of AI to speed up the process or rely on it tremendously. Your favorite Internet search engine, some of the websites you frequently visit, widely popular virtual assistants, and possibly even your car are only some of the things that make use of artificial intelligence in its many forms.
Essentially, artificial intelligence is the ability of machines or computers to mimic aspects of natural, human intelligence. These aspects include learning, planning, decision-making, perception, and much else. As such, the concept of AI is a rather broad term that can apply to all manner of hardware and software with varying degrees of autonomy and competence. However, it is that autonomy that makes AI unique. Its ability to improve itself by learning distinguishes AI from traditional software. Most people nowadays have at least a basic grasp on what AI is, but the question is what it can do, where it came from, and how far it can go.
In this book, we will answer these questions as briefly and concisely as possible. Exploring the history, as of present, and future of the amazing phenomenon that is Artificial Intelligence. In the process, you will also get a better idea of what AI is in non-technical understanding.

Do not be left behind. Notice the changes coming. Be prepared. Read this book!

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Free on 18th - 22nd Feb 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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