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Long Term Bargain eBooks
Author: Genre: (, , ) Length: Novelette

Bargain on 4th - 8th Jun 19
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?A young woman must value, above all else, her virtue.?

Ann Rhys, the daughter of a minister, is employed by Mr Brindley, the widowed Master of Brizecombe Hall, to be governess to his two children.

Her initial feelings of apprehension regarding her employer are rapidly surpassed by other emotions that are new to Ann.

Under Ann’s influence Mr Brindley takes a greater interest in his children’s upbringing but does his action imply that he sees her as more than a mere governess or does his heart truly belong to Cassandra, the wealthy young woman rumoured to be the future mistress of Brizecombe Hall?

‘This tugged on your emotions a lot and kept me interested through the end and the ending made me smile.I love when true love overcomes social standing,’ (5 star review).

‘Great book, great read, I recommend it to all,’ (5 star review).

‘Very enjoyable short story with plenty of atmosphere.Shades of Jane Eyre.A good, escapist story that you can lose yourself in,’ (4 star review).

‘A really lovely read ? beautifully written ? very satisfying,’ (4 star review).

Bargain on 4th - 8th Jun 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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