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Perhaps fear is the most dangerous of all emotions. This is a feeling that appears with experience: having experienced fear once, we will experience similar emotions in similar situations. And it is especially important to pay attention to the fears of children because along with the cognition of the world, a child can form various fears, which in the future may adversely affect his life.
Work with children’s fears – first of all, this is a serious attitude to the fears of the child. Oddly enough, this is not always justified.
This book provides practical guidance on how to overcome childhood fear, the causes of fear. Examples and steps to overcome various children’s fears are given.
If your children have this problem, apply step by step the rules for overcoming various fears in children and the education of the strong personality.

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After reading this wonderful book, you will learn:
Types and causes of children’s fears
Children’s fear of the dark and death
How to get rid of children’s fears
How to raise a child strong
Children’s complexes psychology
How to find the approach to the child and teach him
The responsibility of parents for raising children.
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Bargain on 2nd - 6th Aug 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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