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……………….. Gain insights into Indian Way-of-Life ………………………
…………………….. and Enjoy Your Travel to India …………………………….

This book helps you overcome the Indian cultural barriers and enjoy your travel to India. You get the best experience of Indian culture, through the character of John. This story of John makes you feel, relate, understand, experience the way Indians live. If you are traveling to India, this book will help you a lot in getting along with Indians and enjoying India. It takes you through the real-life situations of India. Everything that you need to know to understand the customs, traditions and rituals of India is presented in this book. The various aspects of Indian Culture are explained in a rational & experiential way. This book vividly presents the situations and scenarios that John has faced.

“John returns to America, after six months of stay in India, as a positively transformed person. His relationship with his live-in girlfriend changes for better. He recounts all that he experienced during his stay in India and the insights he got.”

This book goes beyond the typical dos & don’ts. It provides an insight into the practicality of rituals; and into the typical life philosophy of Indians – including the way Indians look at life and happiness. It helps you understand the psyche of Indians and provides explanation for all that behavior that is unique to Indians such as:

* The special ways of greeting each other
* The restrictions on physical touch between the two genders
* The superstitious beliefs about common phenomenon such as sneezing
* The bizarre behavior of praying to a plant such as ‘Tulasi’ & treating animals as Gods e,g Cows
* The eating habits
* The restrictions on public display of affection (PDA)
* Leaving footwear out before entering important places
* The complex & primeval rituals performed at different life events, including at the time of death
* The invasion of privacy
* The disregard for Queue system
* Sharing of food, and embarrassing one-upmanship to pay bills
* The close family ties
* The concept of arranged marriage
* Existence of innumerable Gods and ever growing list of them
* The Caste system and Reservations
* The scriptures & the Hindu philosophical concept of Karma
…..much more

Take this virtual tour with John and Enjoy India!

Free on 7th - 11th Dec 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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