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Free on 7th - 9th Jun 19
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Including nine disparate tales ranging in length from short story to novella:

THE BABY HUNTER: When mutant superhuman babies cause the apocalypse, you need… The Baby Hunter. They hunt us. He hunts them.
CHASING COWQUEST: After thirty years, it seems someone has finally broken Max’s record on a mysterious arcade game called Cowquest. With his wife’s permission, he’s returning to his hometown to get it back.
QUINCUNX: In the final game of the Scrabble Championships, one player makes a move no one saw coming.
MALTZIE: A CAT’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY: For anyone that?s ever had a special little fuzzface in their life. Adopted as a kitten, Maltzie immediately forged a bond with his humans that only grew stronger with time.
THE 2ND AMENDMENTERS: They worship the only Amendment that matters (to them). Second Amendment!
TYRONE JACKSON AND THE HALF-COURT DUNK: Harry Potter meets Boyz n the Hood in this explosive parody. Includes special bonus features.

Exclusive to this compilation:
IT WAS A GIFT FROM GOD, THEY SAID: Everyone on Earth is suddenly “blessed” with the gift of flight. Why question it?
THE BEST DAMN COP ON THE FORCE: You don’t get to be the best without taking a few risks.
THE GREATEST CROSSOVER OF ALL TIME: They?re some of the worst, most poorly written characters ever created by one man in 2018. Now their worlds are about to collide. They thought they had problems before? Featuring all your favorite (and least favorite) characters from the above compilation. A thriller.

Free on 7th - 9th Jun 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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