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Author: Genre: (, ) Length: Novella

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it All Started From The Author’s Personal Life:
According to Daniel L. Roberts, he grew up fully in south bay. He attended Bethel Christian School California, a lover of Self-help books,as he had always read dad’s collection of library books.
At a stage in his life, he thought he was a failure; four years of his life was wasted on a sick bed from one hospital to another while many of his friends where either graduating from college or almost graduating from college.
He gained admission into the university of California and committed himself into long-term study especially of self-help books of various niche. His favorite at the time, was “The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker”
Daniel.l.Roberts had studied every management book and decided to implement every of its method to his daily life, especially after graduating. He was to get back four wasted years on a sick bed.
He studied David Allen’s method of management, Brian Tracy, Charles Duhigg and others but was intrigued more by Allan Lankein’s work. He criticized every management book constructively, if any its tactics wouldn’t work for him. He realized that the more he cut into his sleeping habits, the more it affected him. He found out that the more he forced himself to perform extra tasks, the more he lost focus. Then he tried and dig down into these concepts:
1. Tactical Involvement in Time management
2. Ignition In Time Management
3. Motivation
4. Time errors in productivity
5. Will-power
IGNITION: You can’t really get yourself to complete a boring, menial task unless there is an internal force either self generated, or externally generated. The body will always remain what it is.
TACTICAL INVOLVEMENT: No matter how determined we are in getting the Job done, there Is always going to be a distraction be it internally or externally. The only way to fight it is through some tactical approach.
TIME ERRORS: Those lesser than important things we spend our time doing just to escape the primary one, and how to switch it over to get both the primary and secondary task done in a way that is fun.
WILL POWER: The easiest on the list to develop as long as you can spare the time.

WHAT THE BEGINNING GIVES YOU: awareness of the misconception between “Time management” and “Task management”, and how you can be successful with the two in your daily and Personal Life.
DIGGING DEEPER: You don’t need to cut loved out of your life because you want to maximize your productivity level. 2.Only a pen and paper would save you a lot of life time regrets 3. Only an organizational chart would work wonders to you, your employees and your business. 4. You can easily get 1000 hours to yourself everyday. 4. You.can implement “prioritizing” and “scheduling” without hurting a single person and without saying “No”. 6. To be an Enlightened Time management is to live a healthy lifestyle through self-management .
RESULTS: You can do anything and Everything your heart sets to do. Time management experts seems to say the same thing after lifelong study; “put Dedication and Orderliness Into Your Life”. Successful people are Time managers, successful people have done 90% of my digging about productivity, and I understood the rule. It was enough conviction for me.

Free on 17th - 21st Aug 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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