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Contains Over 20 Delicious Fermented Foods Recipes That You Will Love

Relieve Your Thyroid Symptoms with Fermented Foods Today!

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Are you always feeling bloated and sluggish? Has your anxiety got the better of you? Are you taking thyroid medication but it’s not working? Do you try and try to lose weight, but you can’t? Or are you stressed all the time? Depressed? Do you just feel like you’re always behind on things you want to accomplish because you have low energy? Are you looking for natural remedies because conventional medicine has caused you problems or worse symptoms?

Welcome to the second book in my series about healing your thyroid. In the first book, we looked at essential oils that you can use to help heal your thyroid and how they work. In this book, we are going in a different direction; fermented foods.
All types of pickled or fermented foods can help; they feed probiotics, or healthy bacteria, to your digestive system, as well as digestive enzymes and native yeasts, to help your body to digest what you eat. All of these contribute directly to healthy gut flora and that, in turn, leads to a healthy thyroid. How? Because many of the foods that you eat now contain goitrogens, which do not do your thyroid any good at all, but pickling can neutralize or, at least, reduce these sufficiently that they do not contribute towards a goiter or an enlarged thyroid.
What I intend to do in this book is tell you how your thyroid works before talking about food – that incudes goitrogens, dairy and fermented foods. I will then explain how to ferment your foods and providing you with some useful recipes.

Ready to help your thyroid heal and make a step toward your full potential? Then download this book today and let’s get pickling!

See What You Will Learn And How To Cope And Heal Your Symptoms With Fermentation…

How Does Your Thyroid Work?Fermented Foods and the ThyroidGoitrogens and Thyroid HealthRaw Dairy Products vs. ConventionalHow to Make Your Own Fermented FoodsOver 20 Fermented Food RecipesAnd So Much More!
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Free on 13th - 17th Jun 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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