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Free on 26th - 27th Oct 18
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***The Gripping Finale of the Award-Winning Series***

Serum Z has mutated, and the race for a cure has begun.

As the world falls victim to Dr. Roberson’s creation, Grace and her fellow Zombrids find themselves trying to clean up his mess. Thousands of people are “turning” as the moments pass by, and soon they are preparing to throw themselves right in the middle of it all. Grace learns to love who she is, and the answer to salvation lies within her. But is it enough?

Serena is there from the very beginning. The independent waitress struggled her entire life to find happiness and when she finally does, it is all taken away from her by one bite. Fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse is one thing, but she can’t win the battle of losing her humanity. While the darkness inside of Serena strengthens with every zombie she kills, so does her rage for the man who started it all. She must find Dr. Roberson to avenge her true love’s death.
But while traveling the road with a companion and his zombie daughter, she is led to a teenage girl who is half human, half zombie.

Serena and Grace are worlds apart, but can they work together to save civilization?

Free on 26th - 27th Oct 18
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