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Stop comparing yourself to others and be in the moment to win!

Tweeting, scrolling, posting, liking. That’s how we spend our lives–in a digital haze of insecurity, competition and photo-shopped perfection. Social media has subjected us to depression, loneliness, isolation and anxiety. We’re in a decade of asking for likes. Being followed is not bad at all. Is it really?

There was a time once free of social media addiction. Times where we would actually meet up with friends or enjoy a good book. Times where we didn’t obsessively post pictures of meals we were about to eat or record every hour of our lives instead of just living it.

Reading this book, you’ll be able to recognize the necessity of quitting. You’ll find ways to make the transition easier and once you take the action, in a couple of days, you’ll notice that you will be more focused, active, positive, happy, self-disciplined and productive. It will reflect on all your life.

In ‘Good Old Life, I explore how you can regain control of our life, reset our mind and live without anxiety in a world of busy-ness and distraction.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you read this book:

How good it was when there was no social media in our lives
How we’re being manipulated by social media and how it’s negatively affecting our life
How more time you will have to do whatever you want to do
How other parts of your life will change in a good manner when you quit
What you can do to make your life better and live without anxiety
How you can adapt to a life without social media and win

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Free on 10th - 12th Sep 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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