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Habit of Procrastination

Do ??ur ?nt?nt??n? m?t?h ??ur actual performances? Have ??u ever said you were g??ng t? d? ??m?th?ng ?nd d????t? your attitude you didn’t t?k? the action? Do you feel stuck and tired of procrastinating? So, h?w do you f??l when you procrastinate? D??? ?t m?k? you f??l gr??t or gr?u?h?? Good ?r b?d? D??? ?t leave ??u ?m?l?ng, or ??n ??u f??l a l?ttl? gu?lt bubbl?ng u? inside?

If procrastination is something you struggle with then this book might be just right for you.

In r??l?t?, ?r??r??t?n?t??n d??? n?t have ?n? ?m?t??n?l ?h?rg? ?f itself. It just “is.” Y?u w?r? m??nt t? d? something, and ??u d?n’t. Big deal. N?th?ng to ?t. Wh?t makes it th?? an emotionally charged m?n?t?r ?? b???u?? we l?v? by v?lu??, beliefs ?nd rules ?b?ut wh?t ?? good and bad, r?ght ?nd wr?ng.
U?u?ll?, n?t f?n??h?ng th?ng? that w? w?r? supposed to d? f?ll? und?r the ??t?g?r? “not good.” W? stick an ?m?t??n?l label on th?t b?h?v??ur, ????ng th?t we ?h?uld n?t b?h?v? like th??. It ?? THAT th?ught th?t l??v?? us w?th th? bad taste, n?t th? ?r??r??t?n?t??n ?t??lf. And of course, let’s not forget about consequences that come along with procrastination.
Putt?ng things ?ff ??n???t?ntl? means th?ng? d?n’t get d?n?, goals r?m??n in th? f?r ?ff future, ?nd happiness ?? ??n?t?ntl? ???t??n?d. Putt?ng off wh?t n??d? t? g?t d?n? f??l? g??d ?n th? m?m?nt, but you ??? f?r it l?t?r.

Here is what this book covers:

Type of procrastinators: The d?n??l-b???d (relaxed) type of ?r??r??t?n?t?r and the t?n??-?fr??d type of ?r??r??t?n?t?r. Classification of procrastinators: P?rf??t??n??t?, Dr??m?r?, W?rr??r?, D?f??r?, Cr????-m?k?r?, Ov?r-d??r?. We will dive into Consequences of procrastination like missing deadlines, poor performances at work or in life, being late etc. Features of procrastination: Escapism, Skipping it and Doing it last. We will be discovering Reasons why procrastination is not good for you. Causes of Procrastination: Fear of success and failure, getting stuck in procrastinating cycle, low willpower, perfectionism, lack of motivation, blaming others, internet addiction etc. Steps to overcome procrastination: 5 Steps to follow to make ?v?r??m?ng ?r??r??t?n?t??n simple. Find your direction, Get Focused, Be aware of your thoughts, Build your tolerance to negative emotions, Take control if yourself and much more. From Procrastination to Motivation

Ov?r??m?ng procrastination ?? n?t ?? hard ?? you might th?nk. The Habit of Procrastination book can be applied to everyone who is procrastinating and wants really to get it done with so you can focus on the things you really should be doing. Honesty, determination, commitment and c?ur?g? is r??u?r?d t? ?v?r??m? procrastination. Y?t ?t will come as a ?ur?r??? th?t ?r??r??t?n?t??n ?? a u??ful ?k?ll wh?n ???l??d in th? r?ght ??nt?xt. If ??u are good at ?r??r??t?n?t?ng ??u ??n ?ut ?ff ?ng?r, disappointment, frustration and anxiety. Y?u ??n ???t??n? g?v?ng u?, being ??lf-?r?t???l ?r even overeating. All those things can ??m?l? b? left until l?t?r ?f ??u ?r? g??d ?n?ugh at ?r??r??t?n?t?ng! “D? ??u ?v?r ?ut ?r??r??t?n?t?ng ?ff unt?l l?t?r?”

So what are you waiting for? Download the book Habit of Procrastination now to start getting things done, master your time, take control over your life and overcome procrastination forever.
Good Luck

Free on 30th Oct 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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