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Free on 6th - 10th Mar 19
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How Easy And Simple It Is To Always Be Young And
Beautiful Without The Need To Buy Expensive Creams
And Beauty Salon Visits.

It is recommended to repeatedly checkup advice or
councils on beauty,and about the youth of skin of
your face, hands and body not that do not demand
capital investments.

I have collected and tested over 30 tips to help
my skin be young and beautiful based on years of
personal research and customer feedback. I invested
dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars in giving
you the best advice in detail.

Simple and practical advice for those who want to
be more conscious about their health.
A delightful and original book on how easy it is
to look younger for 10 years.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

Part 1. Useful tips for the beauty and youth of the skin
Chapter 1. Interesting information about the structure of the skin
Chapter 2. What factors take away youth from our skin
Chapter 3. Types of Skin
Part 2. Mask for the face
Chapter 1. Four seasons – four different skin care
Chapter 2. Masks for all skin types
Chapter 3. Vitamins for beautiful skin, hair, and nails
Chapter 4. Home cosmetics
Chapter 5. Beautiful neck
Chapter 6. Skin care around the eye
Part 3. Shine and beauty of hair
Part 4. Well-groomed hands
Part 5. Ideal legs and care for them
Part 6. Body Care Tips

Do you want to look young and beautiful?
Do you want to have beautiful face skin, hands,and body?
Are you tired of your wrinkles?
Do you want to look young without visiting beauty salons?
My advice will help you to restore and maintain
the beauty of the skin on your face, hands, and body.

Discover the secrets of youth.
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Free on 6th - 10th Mar 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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