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Book Description

Do you stare in awe every time a public speaker makes his audience hang from his every word?
Are you looking for a way to turbocharge your persuasive skills, make others do what YOU want and walk your path to career success?

In search of a proven-efficient guide to analyzing people & explaining their words to make the most of your dating?This eye-opening book on analyzing people will offer you insight in people’s motives and desires, as a key to unlocking their personality and using your contact to your BEST benefit!

Get First-Hand Knowledge From A Relationship Expert!

As a psychologist and therapy expert in Moscow & New York City, author Nikita Volchek, coach,businessman and experienced relationship expert, definitely knows the techniques to skyrocket your communication skills.And he shares his expertise in this book, showing you how to decipher motives in people’s words, helping you choose the right partner, detect lies, make genuine intimate, friendly & social relationsand win the first impressions on all occasions.

Master The Art Of Manipulation In 21 Days!

Learn how to:
?Win the first & last impressions
?Explain body language & facial expressions
?Use eye contact
?Use NLP programming guidelines…

… and much more!

In two words, turn yourself into a powerful influencer that confidently paves his way in all fields with unconditional SUCCESS!

Tags: How to Analyze People, Reading People, Body Language, Human Psychology Lie Detection

Free on 9th - 11th Jul 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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