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The keto diet can be the answer to many of your goals, from losing weight to trimming down your waist or a generally healthier diet. But changing your lifestyle completely requires more than just a few pages on the internet- and we are here to offer you all the information and advice you need! Within the pages of “Keto Diet: Snacks Edition” you will find everything about what keto diet is, its effects on the metabolism, its overall benefits and specific advice regarding exercising. Change your life today and start the keto diet with the help of our comprehensive guide! And don’t forget about the 50 delicious snack recipes that are keto approved!

7 ways this book is going to help you:

The keto diet book will guide you through the steps of changing your nutrition and exercise style
The keto diet is based on adding fat and decreasing the amounts of protein and carbs, helping you lose weight and become slimmer
It will help you get healthier and stronger by following simple steps
The book will teach you to adapt your diet to the exercise level and type
It contains more than 50 delicious snack recipes to get your body into a state of ketosis
You will learn the advantages of the keto diet by comparison to calorie restriction
You can change your life with small steps and your body with a revolutionary diet that will surely be efficient

Bargain on 10th - 14th Dec 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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