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Bargain on 7th - 11th Jul 18
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Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet Cookbook With 30 Keto Recipes To Lose Weight, Lower Blood Sugar And Lower Blood Pressure

Get Ready For Some Great Keto Tools to Lose Weight & Feel Confident!

This book has actionable information on how to lose weight, lower your blood pressure and lower your blood sugar with the Ketogenic diet.

Obesity is a major health problem these days. With about a third of the US population being obese or overweight, it makes sense to refer to the problem as a catastrophe! Think about it; obesity has been linked to problems such as heart disease, hypertension, some types of cancers, type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, increased cholesterol levels, reduced quality of life and much more, all of which are potentially life threatening.
In simple terms, with obesity rates so high, this essentially means that almost a third of the US population (as well as other developed nations) are on a ticking time bomb; it is only a matter of time before complications set in!
That doesn’t mean that the masses are not doing anything to deal with the obesity and its related health problems. In fact, millions of dollars are sunk into research, product development and advertising/marketing each year in a bid to find the ultimate solution to the problem. This perhaps explains why we are amongst the most informed generations of humans. Unfortunately, even with the vast information coupled with countless products out there that promise fast results, the masses don’t seem to make significant progress as far as sustainable weight loss is concerned. In fact, it is more common in these times that whenever we lose weight while following a given program, we soon gain it all back after being off the program.

If leading a healthy lifestyle, losing weight and feeling more confident is what you are looking for, this ketogenic diet book is for you!

This book is loaded with great content! Here is what you will be included:

A Comprehensive Background To The Ketogenic DietWhat The Ketogenic Diet?The Underlying Danger Of Too Much CarbsIs Fat Our Friend Or Enemy?The Drawbacks That Come With The Ketogenic DietFoods To Eat On A Ketogenic DietDelicious Ketogenic Diet RecipesAnd Much Much More!

Backed with years of research, this short, easy to read book gives you great recipes and facts backed up by multiple studies

Endorsed by the National Center for Biotechnology and many other scientific and medical institutions, the Ketogenic Diet is a tried, tested and proven way to lose weight, stay healthy, improve your brain functionality and be happier. Get this book today to reap these proven benefits !

Bargain on 7th - 11th Jul 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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