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Free on 22nd May 18
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#1 International Bestseller

The Truth Behind Stress Management And Why Most Mainstream Advice Is Wrong…

Discover How to Create More Time, Energy, Vitality And Freedom In Your Life

Have you felt the symptoms of stress creeping into your life more and more?

Darkening your relationships, mindset and body…You’re not alone.

The American Psychological Association recently revealed that over 75% of Americans experience at least one symptom of stress per month. These numbers are likely growing. This is not acceptable. Change is not just required, it’s a necessity.

Stress isn’t something that just appears, it builds up slowly, and if left unchecked it can lead to some alarming consequences. Everything from obesity, unhappiness, insomnia, lack of job satisfaction, illness, and many other side effects.

The problem with traditional approaches to stress management is they avoid the root causes of stress, and focus on external factors that are often impossible to control.

Instead you must focus on the root causes — your environmental, psychological, emotional, and physical health. This is the “secret” to stress management and creating more time, energy, vitality, and freedom in your life.

Lighten Your Load reveals the simple, actionable strategies anyone can use to address the root causes of their stress and finally start living life lighter.

Inside this book you’ll discover the 35 surprisingly simple ways to a happier, more fulfilled life, such as:

Why your bathroom is a source of stress and how to solve this problem today.
21 little-known ways to naturally boost your energy levels
How to detox your mind and body in just 3-minutes and wipe the slate clean every single day.
How to free up time and energy by regaining control over your inbox

Inside Lighten Your Load you’ll also discover how everything from the beauty products in your medicine cabinet, to the processed foods in your pantry…even the movies you watch all have a massive impact to your health, wellness, and happiness.

If you’re ready to finally free yourself from the clutches of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, then this might just be the most important book you ever read. Because quite frankly, traditional approaches do not work in today’s fast paced, high-intensity world.

Focusing on the external factors of your job, finances or other people can only help in the short term.

Lighten Your Load focuses on the long term, and addresses negativity, toxins, clutter, and stress by going directly to the root causes. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover how to do:

Add more peace, calm, and tranquility to your day… even when everything seems to be going out of control.
De-stress your life with simple strategies that deliver lasting results.
So if you’re ready to finally free yourself from stress, toxins, clutter, and lighten your load, you must get this book now.

Get the simple, actionable, all-natural approach to detoxing your body and mind, creating more free time, energy, vitality, and freedom in your life. It’s all revealed inside Lighten Your Load, book one in the Dare To Be AwareTM series.

Don’t be like 75% of Americans and let stress bring down the quality of your life. Take control and make simple changes to live life free. Help your body, help your mind, get the book today.

Lighten Your Load: 35 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Free Yourself From Stress, Toxins, and Clutter

Also available in Spanish, Aligera tu carga

For more about the author, free gifts, and bonus content visit KarinKiser.com

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Free on 22nd May 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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