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Bargain on 29th Nov 18
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Christianity is a life – a great life indeed. It is the life of God in the mortal man – the life of the indwelling Spirit.

Because it is a life, Christianity should be lived out. It should produce tangible and visible fruits consistent with it, to the end that Christ may be exalted and the world may receive inspiration. If you are devoted to Christ, then you cannot afford to live a passive, indifferent, barren and absent-minded kind of life!

Your salvation should be evident in everything you do and everything you are – how you make your decisions, how you react and pro-act, how you approach social issues – how you relate to people generally.

Jesus Christ is the Christian’s role model – the all time reference on life – based on how He lived when He walked the earth. So you need to always ask yourself the following questions:
oWhat would Jesus have done under similar circumstances?
oHow would Jesus have done it?
oWhat should my top priorities in this life be?

The objective of this great devotional short read – one of Phanuel’s best books – is to motivate you to live the authentic Christian life everyday of your life, whatever the circumstances might be.

This book is suitable for men, women and teenagers.

You can read this ebook FREE on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. The good news is that Kindle Unlimited has a 30-day FREE trial which you could take advantage of right away. So why not? You could be reading this great ebook in a minute!

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Bargain on 29th Nov 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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