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                                                                      About the Author

Emily Jeffers is a pediatric nurse and mother of three. She has more than fifteen years of experience in giving help and support to new parents and their babies, and ten years in being a mom. During her career, she has recognized certain issues that bother all new parents. This parenting guidance is to help answer the most common questions and give encouragement to parents at the beginning of the most important journey of their lives. 

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Expecting a baby is a miraculous yet chaotic time. You hope to live the fairytale with a chubby, smiling, curly-haired baby out of a diaper commercial. You dream about its beautiful eyes, and how you and your partner will become even closer when that little bundle of joy arrives. A million thoughts swirl in your head: How will I do this? Can I be a good parent? What if this happens, what if that occurs? You name it.

Emily Jeffers? book will help prepare you for newborn parenting and enable you to be confident, relaxed parents who know what they?re doing. Here are answers to many of doubts and questions every new parent has, from the newborn?s first day to its first birthday.

You will find out a lot of useful information about:

What a fontanelle is Newborn feeding (breastfeeding and bottle feeding)Burping Colic How babies? senses develop Bathing, baby care skin, and possible skin problemsDiapering a baby Caring for your newborn?s umbilical cord stump Baby nail careBaby mouth hygieneBaby?s ears and eyes Washing baby clothes Baby and winter Teething Newborn sleep training A baby-friendly house Playing with your baby What babies like 
And much more!  

Being a parent is a full-time job with no weekends or vacations, and it lasts for the rest of your life. Yet although it may sound scary, it?s also the most pleasurable and rewarding job on the planet. That little human being is coming to make you a different, better person than you could ever imagine yourself to be. 

With a lot of love and a reliable book with solutions to your dilemmas, you?re at the great beginning of a marvelous journey. 

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Free on 4th - 5th Sep 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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