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Free on 18th - 22nd Sep 18
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I believe most of us are living an unfulfilled life, people are not doing what they love, have difficulty finding time for loved ones but cannot do much because we are stuck in a Cycle. It comprises of our present-day needs, of which, Money fulfils most, and to keep earning Money, one has to continue doing their mediocre Jobs.

Enter ‘Passive Income Streams,’ think of them as little water taps that provide water for your daily intake, the more taps you introduce, the more water you get, in less time. If you Isolate a Passive Income Stream, it can’t do much. It can bring in a limited amount of Money. This is where you create a system of diverse Passive Income Streams, which, when joint, forms a sustainable source of Income. And the greatest advantage of these Streams is once you set them up, they need almost no maintenance afterwards, and you reach a point, where you literally make Money while you sleep. Yes, you heard it right, but more on that later.

Passive Income Streams leverage time and then you can use this time for greater purposes, such as spending it with loved ones, travelling, following passions, the possibilities are endless.

So can everyone create Passive Income Streams? And can someone reach a point where they quit their current Jobs and only pursue these Streams?

The Answer is a huge Yes! It doesn’t matter if you are a Teenager or a retired person in their 70s, you can create Passive Income Streams that will earn you a substantial amount of Money. And if you persist and do it smartly enough, you can reach a point where you quit your current Job and make a living with your Passive Income Streams.

This Book has everything you need to know about the fantastic world of Passive Income Streams. Foremost, I will teach the absolute basics of Passive Income, and this will make sure you have a great foundation of the topic which will help you in the future. It is similar to teaching someone the core of Music. Once you understand the core, you can then compose your own Music.

Then I will guide you through two Passive Income Streams that everyone can implement. You need no prior technological background to understand the process. I will lead you through every step, simplifying the chapters with easy-to-understand examples and tutorials.

So Sit Back, Relax, take a deep breath and let’s begin. Follow the Book, have patience and together we will create something amazing!!

This Book will teach you:
1. How to understand the Basics of Passive Income.
2. Why the 9 to 5 Jobs are not Ideal.
3. Why ‘Time’ is our Greatest Asset.
4. How to Start making Money from an ‘Online Ebook Business’.
5. How to write an Ebook by yourself.
6. How to Outsource the Ebook to a Freelance Writer.
7. How to Format an Ebook.
8. How to Edit an Ebook.
9. How to Upload an Ebook to retailers such as Amazon and Smashwords.
10. How to earn Money from Affiliate Marketing.
11. How to expand an Affiliate Marketing Business.
12. How to design Passive Income Streams on your Own.

Free on 18th - 22nd Sep 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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