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Bargain on 22nd Aug 19
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What is Plant based diet ?
A plant-based diet is a diet that involves large amounts of plant products,
whole foods and limited amounts of animal products and processed foods.
However, subscribing to a plant-based diet does not necessarily mean that you have to cut out all forms of meat and animal products.
You can tailor your diet to fit your needs and lifestyle.

What benefit it gives ?

High Fiber Intake
Asthma Benefits
Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer
Reduce the Development of Kidney Stones
Obesity Control and Weight Loss
And Much More

What this book contains ?
Explanation of Plant-Based Diet
Explanation about Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
Foods to Eat/Avoid on a plant based diet
Myths About Plant-Based Diet
Tips and Tricks for a Successful Plant-Based Diet Journey
Plant-Based Diet Recipes

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Bargain on 22nd Aug 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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