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Do you know how to kick off a project effectively? Are you confused about what you should cover in your kick off meeting presentation?

Project Kickoff will show you how to run a successful kickoff meeting in simple steps.

If you’re a project manager who leads teams on customer-facing projects, then this book is for you.

It’s a super-short book that’ll help you spend less time on preparing for your kickoff meeting, and more time on delivering it. It also includes downloadable templates and scripts that will help you save time.

Here’s a partial list of what’s covered: 

What to include in your project kickoff agenda, and who to share it with before your external kickoff meeting.How to kickoff a meeting the right way by running through the agenda and having brief introductions. How to leverage your project sponsor to motivate the team. How to list out the project goals, along with your project assumptions and constraints to avoid any potential miscommunication down the line.The best practices of including a team organization chart and a high-level schedule so that you manage expectations the right way.Why you should cover a change management process and communication plan.How to end a project kickoff meeting properly by including a next steps section and a Q&A session.The most important thing you should do after your project kickoff meeting ends.A downloadable sample project kickoff agenda and project kickoff template.

The book is divided into three sections: 

Section I: Before Your Project Kickoff Meeting

Draft the AgendaGather FeedbackPrepare the PresentationHold an Internal Kickoff MeetingSchedule the External Kickoff Meeting

Section II: During Your Project Kickoff Meeting

Welcome and Rundown of AgendaIntroductionsProject Sponsor UpdateProject GoalsTeam Organization ChartHigh-Level ScheduleProject Assumptions and ConstraintsCommunication PlanChange Management ProcessMilestone Signoff and Invoicing ProcessTechnical UpdateOther ConsiderationsNext StepsQ&A SessionWrap Up

Section III: After Your Project Kickoff Meeting

Send an UpdateFollow Up on Action Items

Free Bonus

As a free bonus for purchasing this book, you’ll get a Free Project Kickoff Meeting Template ppt (a PowerPoint file) that helps you save time in creating your own. You’ll also get a Free Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template (MS Word format) that you can copy and paste and modify for your own team.

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Bargain on 22nd - 26th Jan 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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