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Free on 18th - 20th Aug 19
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If you want to not just improve but transform your productivity, you need to read this book!

Here are a few things you will learn in this book (or, why you really need to read this book):
The biggest problems with productivity right now
The personal and professional toll a lack of productivity takes
The greatest myth of productivity that is holding you back from unlocking your potential and doing the best you can
What true productivity is
Why being an early-riser is not always a good idea, and does not work for everyone
The myth about multitasking
How to start your day to have the most impact
How to effectively deal with emails
Step by step guide for creating an effective morning system
A 20-minute strategy that can help you deal with distractions and procrastination
Five ways to effectively take breaks (breaks that will help you)
What not to do when taking a break
How to finally get a handle on your time
How to effectively plan and manage your time
Elon Musk?s productivity hack
How to do work that matters, and has impact
What you can learn from Eisenhower about time management
How to deal with procrastination (two effective strategies that will help you eliminate productivity)
How to be productive even when you are procrastinating
The Five-Minute Technique for dealing with procrastination
How to do work that adds up over time
How to guarantee long-term impact
How to keep getting better
How to make the most of your present moment

Get started today to take the first step towards radically improving your productivity.

Buy the book.

Free on 18th - 20th Aug 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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