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FLASH sale! Get Rising Storm for only $.99 and grab Falling Stars FREE! Start this explosive dystopian series perfect for fans of Maze Runner and Hunger Games now.
In the future, a hijacked ship holds the key to the fate of the world…
In a society ruled by fear, Amelia leads a life of privilege. She’s the pampered daughter of a powerful elite official, but she’s far from free. To her, the lavish Grand Voyager is just another gilded cage.

For Gabriel, a covert rebel, it’s his one chance at vengeance. His mission: assassinate Amelia’s father. 

But when terrorists storm the ship, Amelia and Gabriel are forced into an uneasy alliance. Gabriel is Amelia’s only hope–if she can trust him. 

As the lines between enemies and allies blur, they uncover an even greater threat–and it’s already on the ship. Now, they’re thrust into a battle not just for their survival, but for the very fate of humanity. 

They each must decide where their loyalties lie–and how far they’re willing to go to protect what matters most. In a near-future world on the brink, only one thing is certain. Life as they know it is about to end. 

If you like apocalyptic thrillers with cool tech, unique settings, and vivid, complex characters, you’ll enjoy this fast-paced dystopian perfect for fans of Legend and Divergent

Books in The Last Sanctuary series: 
Rising Storm 
Falling Stars 
Burning Skies
Breaking World 
Raging Light releases 7/16/2018 

*Rated PG-13 for non-graphic violence and mild language.* 

A little science fiction, a little romance, and a whole lot of action!“-Amazon reviewer 

I was captivated!” -Holly Jennings, author of Arena and Gauntlet 

If you read one YA novel this year, make it this one.” -Shaun L. Griffiths, author of the Changing Times trilogy 

A great suspenseful read with compelling characters and a page-turning plot.” -Amazon reviewer 

Fully fleshed-out characters I fell in love with.” -Goodreads reviewer

Free on 16th - 20th Jul 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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