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Bargain on 22nd - 26th Nov 18
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Critical Pointers to Help ANYONE Transition to Living Full Time in an RV

Is the possibility of an RV lifestyle calling you??
Can you already taste the feeling of freedom that comes with RV living??
Are you trying to escape the system??
Have the financial burdens of the conventional life become TOO stressful??

This book will help you take that exciting leap!!

RV life requires a change of mindset and priorities, but it also brings with it a huge set of rewards in terms of lifestyle and freedom and exposes you to likeminded people who you almost definitely would not have encountered whilst living the more conventional life. Whatever your reasons are for making the transition, whatever your financial status may be, these are fundamentals that will apply as you take this life changing step. 

This book will cover topics such as: 

The Vehicle

Before Hitting the Road

On Board Priorities

Useful Options

Useful Extras

In short, the move to RV living is going to transform your entire value system. At the same time it is going to open up a whole new world of freedom and self-reliance that you may never have experienced before. Beware; this alternative way of life can be addictive. 

Bargain on 22nd - 26th Nov 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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