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Long Term Bargain eBooks
Author: Genre: (, , , ) Length: Novel

Bargain on 11th Nov 18
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She was just a pretty young thing at NYU Film School. Just another bright-eyed, beautiful girl wanting to make it big in the film industry, as if she had a chance.

Course, I was already a billionaire. Didn’t need the film, didn’t need the cash. At the time, didn’t know I needed her. And when I sped off to France, she headed to Los Angeles–ready to make her mark.

That was six years ago.

Imagine my surprise when I find out her new fiancé is Los Angeles’ greatest business asshole, the hotel owner Montgomery Wilton. We party together; even talk about getting into business together.

And before I knew he was Penny’s fiancé, we even hunted for women together.

But now, I know the truth. Caught him tearing into her, yelling at her till she couldn’t stop crying at a beach-side party in Santa Monica. This asshole, Montgomery.

I will end him. Instead of hunting women, I now hunt him.

And I’m not only after revenge.

No. I’m after her.

She was the love of my life.

And I can’t let her end up with someone as evil as him. Even if it destroys me.

Bargain on 11th Nov 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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