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Many businesses struggle to stand out from competition as they don’t know how to optimize their website appropriately to appear first on search engine results pages. They are missing traffic, not to mention sales. However, SEO does not require an expert – you just need to figure out how it works and how to make the most of the right tools to boost your sales.

Argyris Goulas, the author of SEO Made Easy: How to Win Clients and Influence Sales with SEO, helps you understand what search engine optimization is and how to enhance your ranking on search engines to turn traffic into customers.

With this comprehensive guide, you will be able to master the latest best practices and adhere to SEO techniques to have an edge over your competitors. Argyris Goulas discloses tips and tricks as well as different approaches to search engine optimization and provides guidance on how to use local or global SEO to your advantage.

SEO is not complicated. On the contrary, it is easy. And with SEO Made Easy: How to Win Clients and Influence Sales with SEO you will discover advantageous strategies you can actually follow and increase your business website’s discoverability on search engines.

With this book, you will learn:
oHow to Get Started with SEO
oWhy SEO is Vital to Your Website
oThe Anatomy of Search Engine Optimization with Website Factors, On-Page and Off-Page Factors, Website Promotion, and Domain Factors
oHow to Analyze Search Engine Results Page
oHow to Perform Keyword Analysis and Select the Best Keywords
oHow to Generate Quality Content
oHow to Select the Best Social Media Platform for your Niche
oTips and Tricks for E-Commerce Stores
oAbout Different SEO Approaches
oThe Balance between Content Marketing and SEO
oHow to Understand Your Competition
oHow to Evaluate Existing SEO Results
o+ FREE BONUS: Your SEO Plan Checklist!

Free on 20th - 24th May 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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