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Bargain on 30th Mar 19
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I am totally self-sufficient and I need no one in my life.Why bother going out when I don’t know what to say when I am out?How do I even start a Conversation?Even if I start a conversation, would the connections really last?Do you feel scared and uneasy whenever you are at a social function?
Sounds familiar?

I was exactly like you, an introvert who wanted so badly to become more social but felt restrained in some way or another.

I was scared, inexperienced because I did not know how to interact with other people, and it even worsened to the point where I constantly doubted that I ever wanted to.

I was alone and lonely, yet I constantly told myself the white lie that the reason I was alone was that I chose to be lonely and that I loved my privacy.

On several occasions, I tried and failed to become more social. Again and again, I tried, yet to no avail. It probably doesn’t come naturally to me I thought. A few of my then classmates were naturals at public speaking and going out, “they are born extroverts” I often thought within myself, neglecting the fact that socializing was a skill and that every skill can be learned and unlearned.

Although I needed to hone this skill into something that I can utilize through my entire life, I did not want to lose myself and my value system all in the name of becoming social.

In my personal journey conquering my inherent introverted nature, I researched and gathered rules and techniques from various sources-books, conferences, audio lectures…

As the result, I have learned how to be a natural extrovert around others so perfectly that hardly anyone has ever noticed just how introverted I truly am.

It allowed me to develop my own techniques such as how to bring my best to any social settings without feeling drained or flustered from engaging in multiple interactions.

They would help lead you out of whatever communication doldrums you might find yourself in.

In writing this book, I promise to teach you:

How to Choose to Go Out Instead of Staying HomeHow to Start any Conversation: Are you Really That Scared?First Impression: Learn How to Make itThe Key to Keep the Conversation GoingGive People a Chance: How to be a Good Listener?The Secret of Saving Your EnergyLearn How to Exit Any Conversation: The Power of NOHow to Leave ‘The Party’How to Invest in Maintaining ConnectionsSocial Life Boosters: 2 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Start Socializing Today
When all is said and done, there is no perfect moment as today. Seize this day and create the life you truly deserve. Download this book now!

Bargain on 30th Mar 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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