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Almost everyone will find themself back in the dating world at some point.

Whether married and divorced, whether widowed or ending a long-term relationship–and it doesn’t matter the age–almost everyone will find themself back in the dating world at some point. The idea of returning to the dating scene is frightening enough to keep some people from trying at all. The reasons are many: what family might think, the fear of getting hurt, being set in our ways, and the one we’ve heard most of all from older people–not letting someone see what time has done to their body.

Online dating is gaining in popularity.

It’s increased three-fold in popularity through the years. Years ago, internet dating sites were called impersonal and a place for losers, but it’s important to remember, the impersonal-ness is gone after that first meeting. Dating sites are merely a place to meet a larger, more diversified number of the opposite sex.

The New York Daily News

stated that in a poll of 19,000 people married between 2005-2012, one third met on a dating site.

Consumer Reports, in 2017:

44% of respondents to their poll said online dating led to a serious long-term relationship

Identify Scammers and Internet Trolls.

This book contains an entire chapter on identifying and avoiding the scam artists that patrol our world.

Learn to write your profile so it catches attention.

Special instructions on how to make your profile pop, which photos to use, and how to weed through the available profiles.

Learn the step-by-step method of contact.

So you are safe at all times, beginning with simple, low-stress coffee dates.

Learn how to follow through and what to do if you fail.

And how not to settle for second best.

The authors met on a dating site.

No, it didn’t happen overnight–for Rick the journey was years; for Cindy six months. In this book, they provide both the male and female perspectives to help others successfully navigate the world of online dating. To avoid the scammers. To become one of the success stories.

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Free on 15th - 19th Jun 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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