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Bargain on 26th - 30th Jun 19
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Are you feeling the effects of procrastination already? Do you want to learn how to do more, at the right time? Has procrastination taken over control of your life and kept you in the dark for far too long? Do you wish to defeat procrastination, boost your efficiency and double your productivity? Have you tried to get rid of procrastination in the past? Did you fail repeatedly?

Well, in this book, ?Stop Procrastinating: How to Motivate Yourself, Building Self Discipline and Overcome Your Procrastination?, you will finally understand and defeat procrastination. The book;

Defines and demystifies procrastination. It gives conclusive descriptions that allow you differentiate procrastination from sheer laziness.
Traces the root causes of procrastination, including how our biology works to promote procrastination when too much mental pain is associated with a task. It also explains how the brain is wired and works during procrastination.
Shows you how to take back control of your decision-making arc.
Explains why motivation and self-discipline are the most effective tools for fighting procrastination.
Teaches you how to boost your motivation and self-discipline.
Gives you conclusive proof of how procrastination is retarding your progress.
Explains the secrets of time-management and how you can build your own 48-hours days.
Gives practical tips for defeating procrastination. These tips ensure you do not suffer a relapse back into your old ways too.
Lists the most common triggers of procrastination and offers practical advice to defeat each.

Procrastination affects all types of people. Student, entrepreneur, employee, parent, salesman or freelance artist, it doesn?t matter who you are. You need to stamp out procrastination now before it deals you irreparable damage. You need to root it out before it becomes too deep-rooted in you. Read Stop Procrastinating now to fight off procrastination, and enjoy a new lease of life.

Click Buy Now to start your journey back into ?action? land and get rid of procrastination forever. Stop procrastinating now.

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Bargain on 26th - 30th Jun 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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