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Author and political commentator Mark Levin pulls no punches as he tears into the partisan American media for their dastardly deeds against the nation. He dives deep into the history of American media to show us just how low the press has fallen, and why Americans can no longer trust what they see and hear on the news.

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What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include?

Synopsis of the original book
Key takeaways from each chapter
Examples of the intense liberal bias in the media
The history of biased media going back to the 18th century
Editorial Review
Background on Mark R. Levin

About the Original Book:

Americans no longer trust their media, and with good reason. The American press has turned on its own independent voices by pushing partisan agendas that are crippling the nation. This is the stinging diatribe that Mark Levin launches in his book, Unfreedom of the Press. He claims that the current media establishment is heavily involved with the Democratic Party in an attempt to unseat a sitting president. This so-called ‘Democratic party-press’ is busy tearing apart the nation’s founding principles by creating fake news and pseudo-events instead of providing fair and balanced news reporting. Ultimately, Levin’s goal is to trigger a dialogue among Americans on how to deal with the threat of a rogue, partisan media.

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Free on 25th - 29th Jul 19
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