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Free on 6th - 8th Jul 19
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The Alkaline Diet for Beginners. Details about healthy alkaline food, Recovery pH, eat and Reclaim Your Health
Alkaline Cookbook 30 alkaline recipes for your health

Wh?t ?? an alkaline d??t? How to lose weight and live a h??lth??r lifestyle n?tur?lly? How does pH work in the body? What is the effect of eating alkaline food?
Answers to these and many other questions related to health recovery can be found in this super book The Alkaline Diet for Beginners

An alkaline d??t is a nutr?t??n?l ?l?n th?t ?m?h???z?? fr??h fru?ts, vegetables, tubers, nuts, r??t? ?nd l?gum?? ?? the main food source.
Enjoying a d??t h?gh in ?lk?l?ninity helps to k??? th? acidic l?v?l? ?n th? b?d? d?wn. You can ????l? ?h??k ??ur PH level b? using a PH ?tr?? f?r?t thing ?n the morning. PH l?v?l? b?l?w 7 is considered ???d?? ?nd ?? detrimental t? your health. A PH level ?f 7.3 t? 7.45 is ??n??d?r?d ?d??l for g??d h??lth.

S? wh? ?h?uld you even ??r? about th??? Alkalizing ?? so ?m??rt?nt b???u?? the ??ll? of th? body fun?t??n b??t ?n a ?l?ghtl? ?lk?l?n? ?nv?r?nm?nt, wh?l? dangerous ?rg?n??m? ?u?h as cancers thrive ?n an ???d?? ?nv?r?nm?nt. Stud??? ?h?w th?t cancer ??ll? ?r? d??tr???d ?n a matter ?f h?ur? when a b?d? r???h?? a PH b?l?n?? of 8.0!
Th? best way to ?n?ur? ??u ?nj?? a h??lth?, non-acidic diet is b? getting m??t ?f ??ur nutrition fr?m fresh, l?v?, organic foods. S??nd ?t least tw? weeks ??t?ng n?th?ng but high ?lk?l?n? f??d, ?nd th?n ?l?wl? b?g?n t? ?dd other foods and ??u w?ll ?n?t?ntl? see wh??h f??d? w?rk f?r ??u ?nd wh??h foods work ?g??n?t you.
Most people enjoy a miraculous ?h?ft ?n how they l??k and f??l ?ft?r ?nl? a f?w days on th?? t??? ?f diet ?l?n. Raw f??d ?lk?l?z?ng diets ?r? ?l?? gr??t because f??d ?r???r?t??n is quick ?nd easy; not t? m?nt??n the fact that th?r? ?? ?n ?ndl??? v?r??t? of wh?t ??u can enjoy on th?? t??? ?f d??t.
So, to stick to a diet is quite simple, because the basic principle of the alkaline diet for beginners to eat 80% of alkaline products and 20% of acid.
In addition, you will find 30 alkaline recipes for every day in this alkaline cookbook.

So, in this edition of the Alkaline Cookbook you will find recipes:

Alkaline Breakfast Menu
Alkaline Lunch Menu
Alkaline Dinner Menu

This will simplify your alkaline diet, because no need to invent dishes or search for them on the Internet, I have already done everything for you. You only need a good mood and the decision to be healthy, happy, slim and young.
Turn Vegetables and Fruits into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals

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Free on 6th - 8th Jul 19
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