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Are you severely overweight? Do you struggle to keep your weight stable and healthy? Or are you just looking to lose a few pounds quickly?

If you answer ?yes? to any or all of these questions, you need to keep reading.
I?m sure by now you?ve heard of the Keto Diet.
But do you know what the Keto Diet is? Or even how to go about starting it?

If you?re already on the Keto Diet, congratulations and well done for choosing to optimize your health and weight loss plan.

However, if you?re just starting your journey, or if, like most people, you are so very frustrated with all of the fad diets that just don?t get results, then we have got the solution for you!

But first, let?s take a brief look at what the Keto Diet is and how it works:
Created by Dr. Gianfranco Cappello from Sapienza University, Rome, the Keto Diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb diet that produces a state of ketosis within the body. This happens when ketones build up in the bloodstream and the body begins to burn its own fat to create energy.

So why should you choose the Keto Diet?
This simple diet helps you to lose weight rapidly all the while keeping you feeling satiated and energetic. Some of the other benefits of being on the Keto Diet include reduced appetite, healthy digestive system, stable moods and blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, increased levels of good cholesterol and radiant skin.

How can we help?
It can be rather intimidating to start a new diet and the amount of information out there can be extremely overwhelming. For example, although the Keto Diet is based on a high fat intake, it is vital to choose healthy, unsaturated fats like nuts or eggs instead of saturated fats like highly processed meats.

Our new book – The Keto Diet for Beginners, will answer in depth, all of your questions such as:
What is the keto diet?
How do I start?
What foods am I able to eat?
Which ones should I avoid?
And more?

And to top it all off, Keto Diet for Beginners will provide you with over 80 mouth-watering recipes. To give you a taste of recipes to expect, the following recipes are featured in this book:

Keto Cauliflower and Spinach Super Soup
Keto Grilled Halibut
Keto Eggplant fries
Keto Chocolate Mousse
Keto Pancakes

The recipes contained in the book are so gorgeously delicious, you won?t even know you?re on a diet.

And to make it all so much easier for you, we have included shopping lists that contain everything you need to successfully stick to the Keto Diet.

So look no further, our Keto Diet for Beginners book is the only tool you need to start down the path to a newer, slimmer, healthier you.

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Free on 8th - 12th May 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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