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Bargain on 17th - 21st May 19
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Masterly plotting, extraordinary pace, and a succession of genuine surprises

Mike?s hand hovers over the mouse. He clicks Submit. Done! He knows he?s paid massively over the odds, but at least his bid to revive flagging sales of his self-published novel is under way. All he?s looking for is some way to break through the recognition barrier. He has no idea of the havoc he?s just unleashed.

The tangled course of Mike?s quest for explanations leads him in directions he never anticipated, and his efforts rebound on him in increasingly alarming ways. Soon his life is in turmoil, and his troubles are also affecting those around him. One thing quickly becomes clear: the lack of book sales is the very least of his problems.

Looming in the midst of Mike?s woes is the enigmatic Nick Hathaway. He oozes good will? but does he have a hidden agenda? Mike?s instinct is to interfere, but he?s unsure whether this will bring him closer to Samantha, the woman he?s fallen for in spite of himself, or merely alienate her. Meanwhile, what of his faltering relationship with his girlfriend Ashley?

This taut, fast-paced mystery thriller is the most compelling so far from author Peter Rowlands. Whether you read it as a stand-alone drama or as a new stage in the unfolding story of disaffected journalist Mike Stanhope, you?ll quickly become engrossed.

From a measured start, the intricately interwoven plot lines steadily gather urgency as the action ranges between London and Los Angeles. The succession of upsets and surprises will leave you breathless. Meanwhile, along the way the author weaves in some revealing and occasionally ironic insights into the struggles of the self-published writer.

If you enjoy vibrant characters and situations, lively and convincing dialogue, and fully-realised locations, this is definitely for you. You won?t know where the story is leading until you get there, but when you do you?ll appreciate the satisfying logic of the outcome.

Plaudits for the Mike Stanhope Mysteries series:

?Utterly engrossing ??

?Quality writing, attention to detail, and ability to keep track of complex/multiple plot lines quite clearly ??

?Reminiscent of The Cuckoo?s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) ??

?Rowlands does a wonderful job of keeping our hero complex, yet believable and human ?

?Well written, with lots of twists and turns that I never saw coming ? ?

?A fast-paced mind-bending intellectual thriller ??

Mike Stanhope Mysteries

1. Alternative Outcome
2. Deficit of Diligence
3. Denial of Credit
4. The Concrete Ceiling

?Peter Rowlands gets even better!?
? From a review of Denial of Credit

Bargain on 17th - 21st May 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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