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Travel can be murder…

Fiona’s new career as a tour manager for a coach company provides her with plenty of unexpected challenges, including tracking down murderers and terrorists before they harm her passengers.
This box set includes the first three books in a series of cozy mysteries each set in a different country. If you like your crime with a touch of humour, beautiful locations, and plots that keep you guessing to the end, then this is the series for you. Perfect for fans of M E Beaton, Elizabeth Peters and Sara Rossett.
Buy the boxed set to solve three cozy mysteries today!

Blood on the BulbFields

Fiona’s first assignment turns into a nightmare. As if coping with difficult passengers were not enough, one of them disappears in mysterious circumstances. Suddenly a full-scale investigation is in swing headed by the autocratic Peter Montgomery-Jones who doesn’t make Fiona’s job any easier. The reason quickly becomes clear. The missing man was undercover on the trail of diamond smugglers. When his body turns up Fiona must face the fact that she has a murder in her party.
The body count quickly mounts up when they move on to Amsterdam and Fiona needs to work out which of her passengers is the killer before she becomes his next victim.

Blood in the Wine

Fiona’s Rhine Valley tour gets off to a disastrous start when one of her passengers is found brutally stabbed. Fiona is determined to find the killer before his wife is formally charged with his murder.
Peter Montgomery-Jones needs to track down the plans of a guidance missile system before they fall into the hands of revolutionary Uzbek terrorists.
She thinks he is pompous and patronizing; he thinks she is interfering and impetuous but if either is to achieve their goal, they need to work together.

Blood and Chocolate

Fiona’s tour of Belgium goes horribly awry when one of her passengers is found dead soon after the assassination of a British MP at a rally. Could there be a link between the two deaths?
Once again, Fiona finds herself at odds with MI6 chief, Peter Montgomery-Jones who always appears to have his own agenda.


‘There’s no doubt that Miss Cranswick can weave a murder mystery. What she also does though is engage you with so many characters, with so many balls in the air, that another writer might not be able to pull it off. She also seems well travelled because each of her locations is fabulously detailed. In fact, so engaging is Fiona Mason that I did wonder if the author herself had been a little bit of an amateur sleuth.’

‘Judith Cranswick’s Fiona Mason is a very likeable woman. And she’s smart.
Sort of a latter-day Miss Marple. She gets involved, against her will, in mysterious doings. And, since she’s a clever woman, knows when something is ‘just not right’, She follows up on her intuition and the facts.’

‘This is a good old-fashioned murder mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie and Minette Walters, capturing the light tapdance of Christie’s more popular novels and Walters’ engaging style whilst adding Cranswick’s own uniqueness to proceedings.’

Free on 1st - 5th Dec 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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