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Escape to the glamorous world of 1930s Tinseltown with The Hollywood Detective

Hollywood 1939. Promising starlet, Clara Lockhart, disappears from a glittering party in Beverly Hills the night before her first big audition.

Worried Clara’s disappearance may prove permanent if she doesn’t act fast, her roommate hires L.A.’s best private eye to save her. Spencer McCoy, a classic pulp fiction detective, knows time is against him, but soon discovers he’s made a powerful enemy in Howard Strickling, MGM’s notorious publicity boss.

With escaped big cats stalking the streets of L.A., heavies threatening him at every turn, and an ambitious new secretary desperate to do some sleuthing of her own, McCoy must battle the might of the movie industry if he’s to uncover what really happened to Clara.

But time has almost run out: if McCoy doesn’t rescue her soon, she’ll become another casualty of the pitiless Hollywood machine.

Featuring real 1930s stars of the silver screen, The Hollywood Detective is a classic detective novel that will transport you to the magical Golden Age of movie-making and keep you turning the pages until the very last twist.


Set during the Golden Age of Hollywood, The Hollywood Detective is a fun detective series featuring Spencer McCoy, a handsome private investigator with a reputation for getting to the truth. In a city ruled by powerful studio bosses and corrupt cops, it takes a decent man like Spencer to deliver justice.

In this first book in the series, Spencer hires a new secretary who turns his agency – and his thoughts – upside down. Rose Randall is smart, peppy and streetwise, and really isn’t the kind of girl who’ll settle for telephone and filing duties. When these two clash, just stand back and watch the sparks fly!

Also available

In Lost and Foundling, the second book in this glorious new series, our plucky duo are hired by a fading movie star to find her missing baby.

Free on 25th - 29th Jun 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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