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Free on 30th Sep 18 - 2nd Oct 18
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“The MAGIC is in YOU…
Now it’s time to learn how to use it!”

Imagine you speak these empowering words to your children as you hand them a copy of The Magic of Me: A Kids’ Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness. The wisdom contained in these 30 chapters was written for kids ages 8-12 to transform their lives and teach them to rise to the greatest version of themselves.

Author Becky Cummings, mom of three, teacher, and business owner shares real-life wisdom in an interactive book, divinely translated for young minds, complete with relatable analogies, entertaining graphics, discussion questions, and more. Children will learn how to:

oLove and appreciate their unique bodies and gifts
oUse their thoughts, words, and actions to shape their reality; taking responsibility for their lives
oUnlock their powers through meditation
oHeal and care for themselves with food, water, nature, sleep, forgiveness, and gratitude
oAppreciate others’ differences and learn from them
oConnect with their spiritual side and understand their purpose

You love your children beyond words, but parenting is hard work. The days seem long, but the years pass by quickly and your window of time to pour into your children is short. Whether shared for a family read aloud or independent reading, let The Magic of Me be your kids’ go-to guide for uplifting advice on loving yourself, loving others, and finding purpose in the greater world.

If you’d like a paper journal that can be used in conjunction with this ebook, check out The Magic of Me Journal. It is an empowering tool for children to self-reflect, learn and grow to greatness!

Free on 30th Sep 18 - 2nd Oct 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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