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Let me tell you a story?

Being a great explainer is a skill that is proving to be a quintessential tool to people in business, politics, showbiz or for most anyone who just wants to have a better social life. People who possess or hone such skill have the ability to project the ambiguous, the strange and even the unappealing into a clear, familiar and inviting (sometimes funny) topic.

Storytelling has proven to be the best projection method that captivates people.It makes things and situations easier to grasp and comprehend.It engages the audience in which in turn finally lead to persuasion .
In this book, we will review the top five stories everyone needs to tell;

1.Who I Am
2.Why I am Here
5.Decision Making

Moreover, this book will share the sixteen elements that build up a story which leaves a lasting impact through analysis of several stories and anecdotes that showcase some of the elements.

This book takes you in the realm of storytelling and then joins at the threshold of the real world ? aworld that naturally rejects truths, yet passionately accepts your stories…

Free on 8th - 10th Sep 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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