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The Red Lands

Book II.I

The most dangerous foe in the wild wields a knife

Ming turned angrily towards Lucy to vent.
“Why didn’t you try acting like a frightened girl? Those two probably won’t even remember what the hell happened to them. So they should have been left to me to fight. And why didn’t you warn me about the ambush? My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth!”
Lucy dusted her hands as if nothing happened.
“He tried to touch me. As for before, Chu told me not to say anything. You also need to stop relying on me for everything.”
Ming swung his frustrated face at Chu then back at Lucy.
“Dammit, you guys are keeping secrets from me?”
He launched a kick at one of the bandits on the ground.
“So what are we going to do with these idiots?”
He turned his gaze over to Doug and locked eyes with him. At this time Doug understood the feelings of an exposed rabbit being stared down by a wolf.
The next casual sentence from the mouth of the ruffian inadvertently slackened his bowels releasing its contents freely.
“So do we kill them?”

With the excitement of winter concluded, Chu directs his thoughts to the future. The Military has focused its attention to the south, in the hopes of either subduing or killing the bandit who acquired the power of the wolf demon.

Before he can venture out into the harsh and tricky lands of the Empire, he has no choice but to train. Clod requires assistance in restoring the farm, Ming hounds him for equipment and Lucy necessitates awakening of her wolf demon powers

As for himself, the modern man trapped in this medieval world, it is essential he learns the basics of swordsmanship. Winter provided him with a peek into the dangers lying ahead. Luckily, Simon remained true to his word, sending help exceeding his expectations.

Chu must focus on building a place of retreat, one which will serve as a base of operations. When his training allowed him enough protection then he would step out from his little corner. Achieving this goal seems probable, even with the distractions of his companions, especially the little redhead and her three unusual accomplices. But unknown dangers are stirring in the lands, which will lead to a brutal confrontation with a familiar face.

An encounter which will change his life forever…

Join in reading a slow building adventure filled with humor, friendship, dystopia and revenge.

Not all adventures have happy endings…

Free on 7th - 11th May 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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