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Felix receives from his late father an unusual inheritance – a laboratory of forensic analysis and preparation of the dead, and he is going to become a professional thanatoscopyst to take the business over. But at the height of his teenage years, he discovers that his inheritance is more than a mere undertaking – and includes his own extrasensory abilities, which begin to surface amidst the universe of working with the corpses. Soon he realizes that each job will be an unexpected and unusual challenge – and that breaking the rules left by his father can bring dangerous and completely unforeseen consequences…

In this first tale, Felix will come across the first really challenging work in the laboratory, the result of a brutal car accident; it is during this work that he crosses the path of beautiful and mysterious Evelyne, for whom Felix suddenly falls in love and who will bring up his hitherto unknown skills.

“The Thanatoscopyst” is a set of three short stories, which make up a prelude to the author’s next two novels: “Phaenomena” and “Felix Nähener, Thanatoscopyst”.

The three stories make a brief introduction to characters from “Phaenomena”, whose protagonist will be another mysterious being. “Felix Nähener, Tanatoscopista”, as the title indicates, will portray the subsequent events in the life of the protagonist himself.

About the author

Christiano Sensi is an author with a career in Theater, Cinema and Literature, as well as an accomplished producer.
Graduated in Theatre and Drama and also Business Management (from the Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil), and proficiency-leveled in English Language (from Cambridge University), he had his own theatre group and wrote, produced and directed his plays up to 2007. In 2008, he made a definite transition into literature and mainstream filmmaking after his book and film projects were simultaneously selected in highly competitive state-funded prizes which lead to the publishing of his first novel and his first film productions. Soon after, he took a step further and also became the head of the Film And TV department of a big Brazilian production company.

His first published books were novels based on real events and extensive historical research: “The Poet, The Rose and a Thousand Letters”(AnnaBlume Editions) and “Isolation” (CH Editions), which were awarded by the Program for Culture Support of the State of São Paulo and released in Brazil as print editions, respectively in 2009 and 2012.

Parallel to his writings, he also wrote, produced and directed documentaries and was the executive producer of internationally released Brazilian films, such as “Two Rabbits”, “Bigger than The World – the Story of José Aldo” and of the Brazilian unit for “Solace” (featuring Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell).

In 2017, he halted his parallel work as a producer, aiming to focus back on his core ability, writing, and to prepare his many stories to be independently published as digital releases from 2019 onwards.

Know more on Christiano Sensi’s work at his website: www.christianosensi.com

Bargain on 15th - 19th Feb 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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