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This is a concise, yet comprehensive exposition of the truth of the doctrine of the Trinity. The purpose of the book is to beam the light of God’s revelation on the darkness of ignorance concerning the divine nature. Thus enlightened, men would be able to worship God in truth.

As a primary benefit, the author has put forth the standard Christian teaching on the doctrine of the Trinity, which will no doubt bless the reader and be of great assistance to the Christians who have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of being called upon by the heathen to defend their stance on the nature of God. Everyone ought to be convinced of the things he/she professes. The truth of the Trinity is clearly revealed by God Himself. To this end, chapter three (The Trinity: God’s Revelation) is a formal treatise on what God actually reveals about the divine nature while chapter 10 (Proof of the Trinity), shows that the experiential manifestation of the claims of the doctrine are certain proofs of the veracity of the doctrine.

The author also found it necessary to specifically address two types of issues of invaluable importance:

First are the fundamental issues embedded in the doctrine, which are in themselves necessary to be understood for the explanation of the Trinity to be less mystical. Such include the issues of personhood and propositions. They help us define our concepts and position them properly within the wider corpus of Christian theology. Questions like “Who is a person?” (chapter 4) and “Is the Trinity an absurdity?” (chapter 7) are therefore thoroughly answered in the book.

The second type are issues of practical import to the modern believer who has to integrate this doctrine into his/her daily walk with the Lord with the full assurance that he/she actually posseses the truth, is able to easily spot and fend off heresies which may creep in via errors of understanding, and actually gain the personal benefits available through the practical manifestation of dealing with God as a Trinity.

The full list of the chapters are as follows:
1. Why Bother About the Trinity?
2. The Development of Doctrines
3. The Trinity: God’s Revelation
4. Who is a Person?
5. Attacks on the Bible
6. Christ’s State of Abasement
7. Is the Trinity an Absurdity?
8. No Trinity, No God
9. Heresies About the Trinity
10. Proof of the Trinity

The approach is pedagogic, the material is deliberately shy of technical theological language, and the style is persuasive while remaining direct and firm.

This book is a must for every sincere seeker of the truth.

Free on 18th - 22nd Sep 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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