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Bargain on 18th - 22nd Nov 18
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Time Management: Your Ultimate 30 Key Life Principles.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…
* Effective Methods Of Time Management, Incorporating Better Choices Into Your Daily Life.
* An understanding of how habits are formed.
* Habits to improve your lifestyle.
* “Leapfrog” Habits, What Are Leapfrogging Habits, And How Does One Carry Them Out?
* Much, much more!



You may not be aware of it, but the habits that you develop in your life will dictate whether you are productive and successful. These are learned over a period of time and although you may not be aware of it, you can reprogram them, so that they work in your favor.

In this book on habits to help skyrocket your productivity, the habits are divided into common sense categories and it will be explained to you how to develop new habits so that your productivity rises as a result. You won’t even have to make that much effort once these habits are instilled, because habits are done subconsciously. Look at your existing habits. Did you actually think about them when you introduced them? I doubt it, and once they became habits, did you ever find yourself doing them without thinking about them? I expect you did because that’s what habit forming is all about.

Do you want to raise the ante? You want to succeed? Then following the tips and tricks shown in the book will help you more than you can presently imagine. When you are naturally productive and successful, you won’t have to play with habits, except to tweak them from time to time. For the moment, keep an open mind because the part of your brain that deals with habits is waiting for you to make changes. When you do, you will automatically become more productive with less effort. So imagine how charged up that production will become when you up it intentionally!

Bargain on 18th - 22nd Nov 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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