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Bargain on 10th - 14th Mar 19
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Many consider Serbian cuisine one of the best cuisines in the world. This book is a collection of our nation’s traditional food, tasty, healthy and easy to make recipes. This authentic cookbook will provide you with some of the best recipes for everyday use, for both beginners and intermediate users, and you will surely love it. It also explains many traditions and customs of Serbian people. Please enjoy this book, and we hope that you will share our nation’s delicious food and recipes with your friends and families.


According to scarce but still sufficient data available for our present-day
analysis,we can claim with high confidence that the Serbian cuisine has been
reaching into the distant past. Therefore we are now able to envision the
history of Serbian gastronomy as a continuous process that finally resulted
in the Serbian national cuisine.

This may be the leading cause of so many head-scratchers, among the
professionals as well as among citizens and guest tourists, about the real
nature of the Serbian cuisine: is it what is prepared in homes on daily basis,
or what is written in recipes and printed in various books? Once defined, it
becomes the foundation of restaurant and tourist offer of Serbia, a special
promotable brand.

The author has put in a lot of effort to present the entire results of his research
in form of a book. The awareness of scarcity of written material on
diet of Serbian people through history is an additional reason to approach
this subject gradually and in great detail.

The goal of the author is not just to present the dishes made by our ancestors
in order to satisfy our curiosity and to finally have them all written
and listed in one place, but also to reintroduce as many of them as possible
into the everyday diet and restaurant and hotel offer. I hope that after so
many years some of these special delicacies will again spread their aromas
through our kitchens.

Bargain on 10th - 14th Mar 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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