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Bargain on 3rd - 7th Sep 18
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Based on a true story.

If you want a real story that is guaranteed to give you a reading experience that will make you get stuck in a story till its captivating end, try this book by the happy-to-read author, Michael Shina Crown. You will love this brisk-styled novel of scintillating stories that will make you get so busy till you finish. What a hypnotizing book! – Bruce Oluw Review (2017)

The story of Alice Buckingham is such a touching one that will make readers stay glued to the book till the end with nail-biting experiences, twists, turns and sympathy for a victimized girl who struggles extraordinarily amidst enmity from her parents, traditions and situations to survive and trail her dreams against all odds. You will love this! This book challenges us to take closer look at the abused girls in the society and offer our urgent help to save a soul. – Paul Chanon

Simply interesting and enchanting! I love this one. – Charles Vernom

Let’s take another helping look at the abused children, this book let me think like that.- Lewis Luther

Betrothed at birth, bound unknowingly to a deadly covenant from origin and born to be a tool for another, Hauwa grows up innocently in her community at Northern Nigeria full of promises for her dream of helping abused souls. But at 12, she is forced into an early marriage, which she resists. Confined, yet she remains unyielding. She later escapes a brutal abduction and flees to the UK.
In the UK, she finds her dream, new identity and a long gratified love in Bala who she believes built her life.
When the already won battle rekindles, she receives a sudden call from a stranger who claims he has kidnapped her husband and armed with ultimate judgement for her past betrayal.
Alone, she faces this battle that poises to destroy everything she has worked for, her career, her dream, her family and her loving husband. Staying unbreakable as usual, she jets out to conquer, this time once and for all. But not without a price, not without sacrifice.
Victory is the only pillar that would sustain her. She goes for it despite looming danger, many distractions and continuous temptation in every angle.

This is a touching story of a vulnerable and helpless girl who determines to thrive amidst hot opposition from her loved ones… This book makes you understand that your parents, siblings and your relatives could be barricades in your path of success, only YOU, a stroke of luck, your determination and your star will remain to aid you; at times, they might not even be enough to give that succour because there has been war from the origin… And that is her story.

Bargain on 3rd - 7th Sep 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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