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“Walking Shadows: Stories of Tragedy, Love & Triumph is just one example of a form of contemporary fiction that winds Nigerian social reflection and issues into a literary work designed to appeal beyond Nigeria’s borders. Chijioke Dikeocha outlines universal experiences of love, struggle, change, and survival; and these are themes any reader can readily understand.”
— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review

“All the stories are crisp, sharp, and the authenticity of the characters makes this a captivating collection. Dikeocha’s honest assessment of life, human nature, and emotions are woven into these short stories; simple yet complex, and forthright yet laced with humor.”
— Mamta Madhavan,
Readers’ Favorite

“Dikeocha’s stories are powerful agents of change that seem intent on creating awareness for current issues facing Nigeria. While the stories are primarily plot-driven, there are numerous characters who readers will find memorable.”
—Mihir Shah,
The US Review of Books

Walking Shadows is a collection of nine breathtaking, compelling stories, which no doubt keeps you spellbound as you read its fascinating pages. With an uncharacteristic, innovative form of chapters, plots and characters, the author stylistically narrates his stories that are replete with satires.
Dikeocha’s collection of compelling short fictions will help new adults understand the complexities of “Love”, “Relationship”, “Determination” and “Fail-forward.” Walking Shadows subtly dwells on the themes of prostitution, child abuse and trafficking, corruption, gender inequality, social injustice, adverse economic hardship, divorce and separation, and religious profligacy among others. For a sense of the breathtaking and compelling stories ahead, here is a glimpse of three stories in the collection:
In “Campus Lovers,” Jane, a campus “ajiboo” plots her way through into enticing Iyke, her intelligent course mate with a love potion. The mad love that ensues between the duo pitches Iyke against Dr Smith, a randy lecturer who has been eyeing Jane lustfully. The brouhaha that results in the love game leaves all involved in a serious mess.
Amaka, a young virgin in “End Time Disciples,” falls into the hand of her careless and immoral Pastor, who deflowers her in his bedroom and impregnates her. Unable to control her emotions, the Pastor’s wife, Mrs Grace, scalds her husband with hot water and burns Amaka’s body with hot electric iron. Faced with the challenge of unwanted pregnancy and unprepared motherhood, Amaka must take a decision.
Challenged with the forces of nature, culture and religion; and her marriage on the edge of a break up because of no male child in “To Please Her Husband,” Lady Monica carries the ninth pregnancy in search of a male child for her disgruntled and chauvinistic husband. Determined to save her marriage, she goes through various harrowing and gruesome experiences in the hands of the native doctors and spiritual churches.
These stories are told with his characteristic sharpness of observation, honesty and humour. Walking Shadows is unputdownable. Each story is a perfect piece; together they display Dikeocha’s mastery of the form.

Free on 24th Aug 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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