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Free on 27th - 28th Jul 19
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On a day that begins like any other,

An old woman attends her husband’s funeral

She should be sad, she isn’t

A successful surgeon stares at herself in the mirror

And only sees the colour of her skin

Two best friends meet after a long time

Smiling at each other for the last

A child walks home from school, alone

Making the biggest mistake of her life

And their lives will never be the same again.

TW: While the book contains no violence or graphic content, it does deal with the aftereffects of rape, honour killing, fat shaming, suggestion of domestic abuse, and child marriage.

In an attempt to answer the perplexing question, “Why do women hurt other women?”, this short book explores the actions, and situations, of women who slay women. But instead of finding victims and villains in tales of treachery and jealousy within its pages, it finds characters so complex that they can only be human. 

Free on 27th - 28th Jul 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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