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Unsure of tomorrow thanks to the shenanigans of Shanice.

ZD6, the sixth book in the series, ‘Senior Graduation’, Mavis is also wrapping up her senior year in high school and preparing to go to college in the fall. She has learned to basically live with her zombie affliction and has come to understand it better. Now she looks forward to college, being an adult, and getting on with her life as the undead. But, Shanice puts a damper on her at every turn with threats and intimidation. Now, all they needed to focus on was the prom…

Will Mavis’ parents ever learn why their daughter can’t stop snacking?

Reading order of the Zombie Diaries series:

Zombie Diaries – Homecoming Junior Year – ZD1

Zombie Diaries – Winter Formal Junior Year – ZD2

Zombie Diaries – Prom Junior Year – ZD3

Zombie Diaries – Summer Break Junior Year – ZD4

Zombie Diaries – Fall Semester Senior Year – ZD5

Zombie Diaries – Senior Graduation – ZD6


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Bargain on 20th - 24th Dec 18
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