About Mannered Discourse

For people new to the boards, BBCode, FAQs and helpful hints.

A place for hellions of the 'e' nature to keep in touch.


  • No swearing outside The Dive, on the mainboard. Moderators and Admins may edit your post as they see fit to remove the swear. Be warned, sarcasm may ensue.
  • On the main boards we have a rule about not discussing Big six books (e.g. anything by the main six publishers). For Mannered Discourse, this rule is relaxed, but please remember it if you go outside this area.
  • Don't be a jerk.
Other rules may be added if needed.

Guest Posting will be open until Friday, possibly longer unless we start to have spam problems. Mannered Discourse is under development, so look and feel may change. Feel free to make suggestions.

After that you'll need to register to post.

Added because someone asked:

About JSECoin

JSECoin has now been removed due to an issue with it. It is a network that supports sites by using adspace to mine ethereum. You can opt out at any time either across the whole network, or your adblocker can block it by default. Effectively this mints Ethereum tokens to support sites, reducing the ads they need to show. In practice it is in beta, so there are issues.


Logging in, liking things, posting all gets you points you can use to customise titles, etc.

P.S. One on-running board joke: If our notorious member Porridge ventures across, he means well, he's just from Glasgow. (OK, he's not that bad, it's been a running joke since proboards days.)

9 May 2018
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