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Discussion in 'Day to day etiquette issues' started by Kindler, 12 May 2018.

  1. Kindler

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    On a packed commuter train, why do an obviously unhappy couple decide to start having a major argument with each other? From what they were saying it, it didn't actually seem like that much was going on, but they decided to air out all their dirty laundry in one go.

    I and the other commuters were just generally keeping our heads down as they kept on and on picking at each other until some elderly guy, I'm guessing from the US given the accent and logo on the baseball cap, told them that no-one wanted to hear their own personal domestic and could they stop spoiling everyone else's day. They kind of shut up at that point and slunk off at the next stop.

    Do some of these people not realise how loud they are and what impact they are having on everyone around?
  2. Reader

    Reader Vile Critic

    If someone is that wound up, they might not care. Once an argument starts many people tend to focus on being right rather than polite, even on a crowded train. As someone recently subjected to two teenagers with a boombox on the upper floor of a bus, I can truly sympathise.

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